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Gordon Harris Photographic is a dedicated photographic business.

In 1971, Gordon Harris, a well-known commercial photographer, established a world-class photographic business that still carries his name to this day.

Gordon Harris Photographic has a full time staff of more than 30 people committed to the successful running of the business. A further 100 freelance staff are employed in effective teams as photographers, secretaries and co-ordinators to run the many photographic projects that the company has to offer. Each working team is managed, co-ordinated and led by one of the energetic senior partners in the business. This hands-on management approach ensures unrivalled quality in the achievement of exceptional photographic standards evident by their professional finished product.

Gordon Harris Photographic is proud to deliver the very best to the client from the initial interview until the delivery of the final product.


Our mission is to maintain our position as the finest photographic business in South Africa. To do this we continue to run our business to the highest norms and standards in our industry. We endeavour to invest in the future of our esteemed staff. We have an educational program in place that is designed to give aspirant photographers the skills and discipline needed to take exceptional photographs. We hope to empower them in such a way that should they decide to expand their horizons, they will be able to successfully establish and run their own photographic businesses. We view the future positively and strive to set goals which are attainable and whose outcomes are valued by our staff. We strive to have a loyal and happy workforce.


At Gordon Harris Photographic we strive to maintain our position as the industry leader in commercial photography in South Africa. We do this by continually setting the highest photographic standards and excellence in both outstanding products and celebrated services to our customers at home and abroad. We believe in people whether they are our customers or employees and we endeavour to treat each person equally, fairly and with integrity. We believe that loyal staff and satisfied customers are one of the hallmarks of the success of our business.